The WWE Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling world tag team championship in WWE. It was established as a second title for tag teams in WWE in 2002 to complement the original World Tag Team Championship. Both titles were unified in 2009 and were collectively referred to as the "Unified WWE Tag Team Championship" while officially remaining independently active until the World Tag Team Championship was formally decommissioned in 2010.


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The inaugural champions were The Bone Street KrewJames Harrison and The Undertaker. Batista and Rey Mysterio along with Randy Orton and Roman Reigns had 14-day reigns, the shortest in the title's history, while James Harrison and Matthew Harrison hold the record for the longest reign at 1,147 days.

The current champions are The Revival who are in their second reign as champions, they defeated previous champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at Unforgiven.