The Authority–The Power Rivalry
Brand WWE
Involved The Authority
The Power
Leaders Triple H &
Stephanie McMahon (The Authority)
James Harrison &
Natalya (The Power)
Fights 32
Most wins The Power (27)
Most recent meeting

19 February 2015
Daniel Bryan (POW) def. Big Show (AUT) via Pinfall

Next meeting 22 February 2015
5-on-5 elimination tag
All-time series Authority: 5
Power: 27


Match Authority Power Won via Match Type Record
1 Randy Orton James Harrison Pinfall Normal 0–1
2 New Age Outlaws The Brothers Pinfall Tag Team 0–2
3 The Shield The Brothers Pinfall Tag Team 0–3
4 Kane Matthew Harrison Submission Normal 0–4
5 Kane Daniel Bryan Pinfall Normal 1–4
6 New Age Outlaws The Usos Pinfall Tag Team 1–5
7 Triple H James Harrison Submission Extreme Rules 1–6
8 Stephanie McMahon Brie Bella Pinfall Normal 2–6
9 Seth Rollins, J&J Security James Harrison Submission 3-on-1 2–7
10 Batista & Randy Orton James Harrison & John Cena Pinfall Tag Team 2–8
11 Batista John Cena Pinfall Normal 3–8
12 Batista James Harrison Pinfall Normal 3–9
13 Big Show Matthew Harrison Pinfall Normal 3–10
14 Big Show & Kane The Brothers Pinfall Tag Team 3–11
15 Kane & Seth Rollins The Usos Pinfall Tag Team 4–11
16 Kane & Seth Rollins The Brothers Pinfall Tag Team 4–12
17 Triple H John Cena Pinfall Normal 4–13
18 Big Show & Kane The Usos Submission Tag Team 4–14
19 Big Show James Harrison Submission Submission 4–15
20 Kane Daniel Bryan Pinfall Normal 5–15
21 Kane Daniel Bryan DQ Extreme Rules 5–16
22 Seth Rollins James Harrison Submission Normal 5–17
23 Triple H & Stephanie McMahon James Harrison & Natalya Pinfall Tag Team 5–18
24 Stephanie McMahon Nikki Bella Pinfall Normal 5–19
25 Kane & Stephanie McMahon Jimmy Uso & Summer Rae Pinfall Tag Team 5–20
26 Big Show Jey Uso Pinfall Normal 5–21
27 Kane James Harrison Pinfall Normal 5–22
28 Seth Rollins, J&J Security Matthew Harrison Pinfall 3-on-1 5–23
29 J&J Security, Kane The Usos Pinfall 3-on-2 5–24
30 Big Show, Kane, Seth Rollins, J&J Security John Cena, James Harrison, Jey Uso Submission 5-on-3 5–25
31 Kane & Seth Rollins Jey Uso & Daniel Bryan Pinfall Tag Team 5–26
32 Big Show Daniel Bryan Pinfall Normal 5–27
33 Kane, Seth Rollins, Rusev, Big Show, Cesaro James Harrison, Matthew Harrison, Erick Rowan, John Cena, The Undertaker Authority first to lose all fighters 5-on-5 elimination tag 5–28


  • In all of Seth Rollins' matches J&J Security will appear alongside him without fighting.
  • In all matches he is not involved with, James Harrison will appear at ringside to support his team.
  • Natalya will appear at ringside in all of James Harrison's matches.
  • Nikki Bella will appear at ringside in all of Matthew Harrison's matches.
  • Brie Bella will appear at ringside in all of Daniel Bryan's matches.
  • Naomi will appear at ringside in all of Jimmy Uso's matches.
  • Natalya and The Bella Twins will appear at ringside when The Brothers are fighting together.
  • If one of the Bella's is fighting the other will appear at ringside.

Match Information

  • Kane is the only member of The Authority to win more than one match he has won three.
  • Kane is the only to ever be disqualified after he performed a tombstone piledriver on Daniel Bryan on the steel stairs. This caused Bryan to have neck surgery and miss seven months of WWE action.
  • In a match with James Harrison, Kane became the only member of The Authority and fifth person ever to kickout following a tombstone piledriver from Harrison. The others are Goldberg, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels
  • The current 12 match winning run for The Power is the longest ever.
  • The Authority have never won back-to-back matches.