King of the Ring (1998)
Tagline(s) Off With Their Heads
Promotion World Wrestling Federation
Sponsor(s) Super Soaker
Date June 28, 1998
Attendance 17,087
Venue Civic Center
City Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pay-per-view chronology
Over the Edge: In Your House King of the Ring (1998) Fully Loaded: In Your House
King of the Ring chronology
King of the Ring (1997) King of the Ring (1998) King of the Ring (1999)


King of the Ring bracket

First round (TV) Quarterfinals (TV) Semifinals (PPV) Final (PPV)
Vader 4:41
The Rock Pin
The Rock Pin
Triple H 8:08
Triple H CO
X-Pac 5:11
The Rock Pin
Dan Severn 4:25
Owen Hart Sub
Scorpio 5:16
Owen Hart 3:00
Dan Severn Sub
D'Lo Brown 3:08
Dan Severn Sub
The Rock 14:09
James Harrison Pin
James Harrison Sub
Kama Mustafa 2:43
James Harrison Pin
Mark Henry 4:37
Mark Henry Pin
Terry Fuk 4:55
James Harrison Sub
Jeff Jarrett 5:29
Jeff Jarrett Pin
Faarooq 3:32
Jeff Jarrett Pin
Marc Mero 4:31
Marc Mero Pin
Steve Blackman 2:57

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